Born in a small rural southern town.

Moved to a slightly larger town in Junior High and eventually graduated and entered college the following year.

And after almost seven years, graduated at the age of Twenty-Four, had kids, lived and grew old.

These are a few things I holds as truths:

Drama rides the scent of the fairest of ladies.

Perfect order can not, and will not ever exist in nature; that said, perfect order can exist in the smallest pockets of time.

All laws written by a society will most certainly be broken.

The fundamental nature of all matter is entropy.

Yard work is fun at the beginning of spring and progresses to a bloody hatred by mid-fall.

Driving in a car for a few hours is fun if you have good CD’s available and it’s not raining and you are alone.

I like even numbers.

Snake boots are a must have possession.

Nothing can compare to the moment you set the hook on a big bass, absolutely nothing.

The voice of Nora Jones is a gift from God.

It is difficult to bluff a Fatalist in poker.

More species are lost through integration than extinction.

Never speak serious concerns in haste.

The top of back teeth look like fat Butts.

It is a fine time indeed, to enjoy a downtown environment, without fear of swindle or arrest.

Humans are amazing at architecture, language and art.

The best knot for tying two separate departing masses together is the bowline

security  is an illusion.

Never give a drunk any form of communications.

Growing roots is slow.

Far as I can tell, nature has only one rule.

An oxymoron is to write a work of fiction with no lies.

Quick decisions made poorly will always defeat good decisions made slowly.

The best fishing partner I ever had was deaf.

It is hard to hide the value of human labor.

As a noisy person by nature, it is quite a challenge listening to quietness.

A well thought out distribution channel can sell any product.

The best water for drinking is captured from the mountains.

It is never wise to push good luck too far.

To a large degree, the best thing about cold weather is  you get the outdoors virtually to yourself.

From the ocean my body sprang, in the ocean my body grew, and to the ocean my body will return.

A painting without light would be all black.

Don’t fuck with Walter White.

Narcissism is the opposite of socialism.

The cheapest way to whiten your teeth during summer is to get a tan.

Many days, I don’t know which I hate the most, going to bed or getting up.

Passing thoughts are sometimes difficult to find, but the smell is undeniable.

As technology gets smaller, problems get bigger.

Knowing where to place a weak defense can fight the mightiest offense.

High multi-media bandwidths and small netbooks and iPads will transform television from a community activity into a private personal one.

Man will never conquer nature, and nature will never conquer life.

It only takes one to forgive.

I plan for some days better than others.

When everybody is turning right; just sometimes, you should also turn right.

Touch is my favorite of all five sense’s.

Everyone can see into the future, some see seconds, some see more.

If you can keep track of a black Bic lighter, then you can keep track of a kid.

Life requires maintenance.

To the best of my knowledge, there is no evolutionary purpose to still have toenails.

I am a poor estimator of weight, distance and height.

Hope in even the smallest dose, can cure the hardiest of ailments.

Speak carefully all promises.

It is difficult to communicating in silence.

Energy is the food of the universe.

It will take ten years for computers to understand soft statistics like margin of victory and strength of schedule.

Never try to sustain movement in the opposite flow of water.

The best part of a new season is when it starts, and when it ends.

Life will survive wherever it can exist; and will wait for an eternity for those conditions to exist, if necessary.

The best jibs are brass hanked.

The juice should be worth the squeeze.

To understand quantum entanglement, one only has to remove distance and time from the mathematics.

Stay away from anything that smells like shit.

Panic is the most uncomfortable of comforts.

If two aspirin will help, then four will help twice as good.

There is nothing finer in life than blind trust, just restrict it to people with exceptional eyesight.

At some point, human population growth combined with a decreased animal and plant population will lead to large scale death by hunger.

Salt is best absorbed nutritionally through osmosis.

Migrations are coded into the life of all DNA.

It is impossible to accurately tell the age of a beautiful woman between the years of 25 and 35.

Skinny jean only look good on woman who are skinny.

People who hates Stevie Wonder sucks.

When peeing outside, always pee downhill.

Life is more about fighting viruses than fighting other life.

When you can listen when you want to speak, you can raise a child.

There will always be a healthy demand for pencils and paper.


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