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Drying some Thai Hots

December 4, 2014

Got a bag of seed back in the spring, spouted them, and replanted about four sprouts per each small pot.

Let them settle in the shade for five or six weeks, then full sun for another eight or nine.

They never grew much or produced many buds, so took a few plants in the house first freeze.

This is what the plant looked like after a month in the house:

It is supposed to get down to 46 degrees tonight, so I booted the heater and decided to roast some Thai Hot Peppers.

Grabbed some heavy-duty tin foil and made a roasting tray.


Picked 31 small peppers from this very mature plant.


Added 7 Peppers from a few remaining plants in the house for color.

And started to roast in front of 1,500 watt heater at 8:30 PM.



A practical way to roast peppers

November 19, 2014

After growing many pounds of peppers this summer, and only eating about half of them fresh, I struggled with proper winter storage. Best advise was to store the fresh peppers in turkey bags and place in freezer. This worked until a batch of chili was needed in a hurry.

The chili was good but working with the thawed peppers felt like trying to filleting a bass left in the cooler for a day to long.

So roasting them became my next experiment in winter storage, and after a few unsuccessful tries, this method was accidentally discovered on an unseasonable cold October night deep in the heart of the south.

A practical way to roast peppers

1) grab some extra heavy tin foil and shape it into a rectangular bowl with one side clearly taller then the other.

2) fill the bottom of this contraption with peppers – either frozen or fresh.

3) place in front of a small 1,500 watt heater with short side towards the heater.


4) the next morning, check them. They should be whole in shape, but easily crumbled between index finger and thumb. If not, store and repeat all steps the next time the heater is used.

5) place in bag, date and crumble as needed.